We are coming to the end of our school year and we are amazed how many great things God gave us this year!!! We are thankful for all these blessings and happy to be a part of children’s growth with all everyday laughs, cries, curiosity, and feelings of being proud of achieved steps and learned skills. We thank God everyday for it, we thank our Teachers for their dedication and hard work; we thank you, the Parents, for treating our place as your bigger Family and being so helpful in running our program and making it so effective. Praying that God continue to bless all of our Children abundantly.


We had a wonderful month of May exploring our outdoor environment by discovering things down by the pond, such as frogs, toads, turtles, birds, and insects. We enjoyed making our own frogs, turtles, and dragonflies. We spent a week investigating the life of bugs and went on a hunt for different insects. We enjoyed reading “Big Bugs, The Very Quiet Cricket, Grouchy Lady Bug, and Leo the Lightening Bug.” The children also went on an “ant hunt!” The children enjoyed looking at a collection of bugs that I have accumulated through the years! We watched caterpillars make their chrysies and become butterflies! The children learned so much by seeing the metamorphic experience! Our little butterflies were not too happy to leave their home. We had to coax them out.

We then focused on BIRDS. We made a rocking bird, baby owls, a bird book, and a chick in a nest. We spent time bird watching with our binoculars. We read a variety of books and listened to a number of bird calls! We are very fortunate to have such a natural environment to explore outdoors. What a science center for your children to learn in!

This week we focused on the ZOO. We made a footprint zebra and painted stripes on it. The children had lots of cutting experiences this week with fringe cutting to make the mane of the lion and cutting out a circler snake. Each child did a fantastic job cutting. Our heads and tails were all attached.


We are all enjoying having so much more outside time. It is so great! Our social skills grow so quickly watching and playing with the older friends. We love when we have bubble time and free play together.

Outdoor time also allows the wonderful experience of us using all of our senses. We can observe the blue sky, the sunshine, trees, birds, sounds of frogs, the smell of lilacs, and so much more. This is all very exciting for us.

Indoor activities this month included songs about bugs, birds, and zoo. Counting, shapes, colors, and basic animal recognition is consistently repeated to encourage making these skills strong.

James is doing awesome in the Green Room. He is such a big boy. We are sad to see our friend Lola move on to the Green Room, but we know she will be happy to play with "Jamie." Lola will make new friends fast. Please remember to send sunscreen and an extra summer outfit for back up. Summer goes so quickly and outdoor time is the best.


I can't believe that the school year is almost over. As I reflect over the past 9 months I see how much our children have grown, not only physically but in mind and soul also. Those that started out so quiet and shy have blossomed into vibrant students being part of the group. Those that were older and returned for their second year, in the toddler room, have grown so much academically and in joy and kindness towards their peers. Our new friend James recently enjoyed friendship with the bigger boys chasing bubbles in the front yard. Thanks to the old friends, our new friends are fitting in nicely. Some of our friends will be moving on to preschool and we want to wish them success: Campbell, Chase, Novalee, Samara, Greta and soon too Hawkin.

This past month the children made gifts for mom, stamping their hands and feet on aprons to form butterflies and flowers. Happy belated Mother’s day.:) They also had learning themes about flowers, bugs and caterpillar metamorphosed into butterflies. Ms. Joan B., in the Blue Room, shared her caterpillars that she purchased with the children. They got a first hand look of the life cycle, and we watched the butterflies fly away at the end.

Thank you Ms. Joan and our preschool friends. The bugs of course were the most fun to learn about, many plastic bugs found their way into the room along with a large fuzzy stuffed caterpillar. Flowers and bugs have adorned our room all month so, even if the weather outside wasn't springish, we sure kept it beautiful inside.

A final recommendation for the year: Please send an extra pair of gym shoes if your child doesn't wear them to school. This is for our safety. We are planning on spending a lot of our time outside.


June 5th (Sunday) we will meet at St. Mary’s Parish in Burlington for the Mass at 12:30. We would like to thank God for all His blessings throughout the school year and congratulate all our students especially Preschoolers. After Mass we will meet in Haim Hall for some refreshment and Family Time.

June 4th (Saturday) Holy Family Picnic with The End of the School Year Celebration. Please pray for the good weather for this day . We are ready for the great day for all of our Children and your Families.

Our program ends on June 10th so notice that from June 13th (Mon.) we are starting our Summer program following your children’s schedule that you sent with your enrollment application for the next year. Our Summer Program is from June 13th to August 26th. We will be closed for the cleaning facility from August 27th till September 5th

The New School Year starts September 6th 2015 (Tuesday after Labor Day).