Holy Family Childcare Center

Holy Family Childcare Center

We, the Holy Family Childcare Center, believe that every child needs to grow up in a loving and Christ-centered atmosphere. By providing a climate of nurturing love where the child is fostered to reach his/her God-given potential, we seek to glorify God and serve His people. We strive to promote a balance of spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth of children. We base our curriculum on Catholic/Christian values. We believe that parents are the crucial teachers of their children and we, as the Holy Family Childcare Center, support the families. Through all of our efforts, we aim to build the community of peace, love and truth.

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Holy Family Childcare Center Teachers and Staff

Sister Nune

My name is Sister Nune. I am honored to be the director of this beautiful Daycare. About thirty years  of my life I dedicated to children of all ages in different countries. I like to work with children. I appreciate  their sincerity, openness and a fountain of joy and energy. Teaching children, I learn a lot from them. I love the family spirit of our Daycare. Our staff provides wholesome and creative atmosphere for our little ones. Every day I remember the children and their families in my prayers.



Sister Beata

My name is Sr. Beata, a Missionary Sister of the Holy Family. I currently work as a lead teacher in infant program.  Early education & overall working with children is a new experience for me as I've been working only  three years in  the field so far (I graduated in nursing). I am very excited to get the opportunity to work at the Holy   Family Daycare. It's an awesome facility where our little students are being provided with an excellent program.


MS. Christina

My name is Ms. Christina, I am the lead teacher in the Pre School room. I have been working with children for almost 30 years in different age groups   and settings.  I love helping children learn and accomplish new adventures. I love working at Holy Family because of the faith and family atmosphere.

Ms. Candie

My name is Ms. Candie, I am the lead teacher in the Toddler room. I have   been working with children for almost 30 years. I love helping children reach   new goals and milestones. I am married and have a nine year old daughter. I   love working at Holy Family because of the small religious atmosphere.


I have been working with children since I was a 10th grader in high school. I have worked    in daycares and the Burlington School District system for 10 yrs., mainly with elementary    special Ed children. I also am a nanny during the the summer months. 

Ms. Renee

My name is Ms. Renee, I have been working with children since I was in jr. high. I have always loved and adored kids and found pure joy in raising my 2 kids. This is the first job that I have had that I can truly say I love coming to work and miss the sweet babies on the weekends. In my spare time I am a huge Disney fan and go any chance I can, I do floral design and paper art crafting, travel and spending time with my family and friends. I love working at Holy Family because it honestly feels like a family unit, with lots of love and support.

Ms. Aubrey

My name is Ms. Aubrey. I am the teacher assistant in the Pre-school room. I grew up working with children since I was 16. I’ve always loved working with children and seeing what they can accomplish in life. In my spare time I like hanging with my friends and family. I like working at Holy Family care because it’s a small loving atmosphere.

Ms. Megan

My name is Ms. Megan, I am the assistant teacher in the Toddler room. I grew up helping my mom with her daycare that she ran out of our home and have always loved taking care of children and watching them grow. I have 16 year old son named Gregory who I love being a mom to. I love working at Holy Family because of the religious and family atmosphere.

Ms. Courtney
My name is Ms. Courtney, I have been working with children since I was 15. From babysitting to running the Children’s reading program at the library, working with children has always been a joy of mine. I am in the process of getting my bachelor’s degree in childhood education. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my loving boyfriend, my family, and my friends. I love working at Holy Family because of the family atmosphere.


Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri:
6:30 am - 5:30 pm

Half Day Program:
8:00 am - 11:30 am

Saturday - Sunday:

Holy Family Childcare

The Holy Family Childcare Center is an independent, non-profit, full time child-care and preschool facility. It provides quality care and age appropriate education in a loving, stimulating, and secure environment. The Center is part of the outreach ministry of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family and operates on the Congregation’s property.The Center serves up to 40 children at a time, ranging in age from 6 weeks to 5 years.

Holy Family Childcare

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Holy Family Childcare
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